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The all new standalone voicemail system in the cloud.  The ComXchange Hosted Voicemail interfaces with most phone systems, not just the ComXchange PBX.  Plus, ComXchange Hosted Voicemail was designed for the hospitality industry with features like Call Accounting and Wake up calls and PMS integration that come standard.  If you need to add a voicemail application to your existing phone system, or if you need to replace an old, dying or obsolete voicemail application, then look no further than the ComXchange Hosted Voicemail.



The ComXchange Voicemail is simply deployed through the cloud.  The ComXchange Voicemail is hosted in the cloud and connects via a gateway.  So, there’s very little hardware needed on site.  Having the system hosted allows fast and easy deployment.   Plus, being in the cloud allows for secure backups ensuring your data is not lost and is easily restored. 



If your existing voicemail is down, it’s simple and quick to connect ComXchange Voicemail.  In no time at all, your hotel can be back on its feet and operative.  Because it’s hosted in the cloud, it’s just a matter of hooking your existing PBX system into our cloud-based model.  It’s a quick and affordable option to getting your hotel voicemail up and running again fast. 



We designed the ComXchange Voicemail to work with many of the legacy PBX systems.  We know hoteliers like to manage cashflow and pay close attention to capital expenditures.  With the ComXchange Voicemail, you are spared from large cap ex costs, and pay a small monthly service fee.  It’s that easy. 


  • Guest voicemail

  • Staff voicemail

  • Auto attendant

  • Wake-up calls

  • Guest group distribution lists

  • PMS integration

  • Call accounting

  • Message waiting indicators

  • Check in/out

  • Password protected

  • Separate on or away greetings

  • Voicemail forwarding

  • Email notification of voicemail

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