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Intech Systems of South Carolina


The Masters of Hospitality Telecommunications

Intech Systems of South Carolina specializes in providing quality telecommunication service to the hospitality industry. We have been in business since 1991 and our technicians have over 40 years combined experience providing service to hundreds of hotels throughout the United States.

Intech Systems of South Carolina has the knowledge and skill to provide your hotel with the best.
We are your "One-Stop Shop" for hospitality needs. We provide Telephone Systems, High-Speed Internet Solutions, Camera Surveillance Systems, cabling for voice, data, television and voice/data provider solutions.

Founded April 1994 – branched off from Intech Systems to become Intech Systems of SC

Intech Systems has offered high quality telephone service to the hospitality industry since 1986.  Many changes have occurred in the telephone industry over the years. At the time, most call accounting systems needed rate upgrades every time they made a new area code or a new local exchange. These upgrades can be very expensive and some systems cannot be upgraded at all.  For this reason, Intech developed House Call$ (The $ is there on purpose). House Call$ was a PC based call accounting that never needed upgrades and would not become obsolete. We were even able to take a cash customers phone and automatically shut it off when he goes over his deposit.  In January 1, 1995, there were 640 new area codes available and many states that were waiting in line for their new area codes.  

We are a company that is dedicated to serving the motel industry and new developments.  


Intech Systems of South Carolina, Inc.

151 Wildewood Park Drive

Columbia, SC 29223

803.736.9007 office

803.736.4206 fax

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