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Our Services


Angie Touch-Free

As hoteliers look to offer contactless, touch-free options for guests, Angie uplevels the experience for making service requests, all via voice or touchscreen.

Hosted Voicemail

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, one thing remains constant – the value of the human voice, and the ComXchange Voicemail lets you hear it!

On Premise

A reliable and cost-effective on premise solution designed for hotels.

Cloud Solutions

ComXchange’s cloud application offers all the features and functionality of a premise-based phone system, but the system is housed in the cloud.

What our Resellers are saying!

Bill Mitchell

CEO/VP Hosted Solutions - Pinnacle Communications Corp

"We have installed over 49,000 on-premises PBX systems and almost 60,000 cloud hosted PBX connections.  We learned early on that having the right selection of products to offer our customers was the most important element of our growth and continued success.  One PBX system has become our standout ‘go-to’ solution – and that’s ComXchange™, by 360 NETWORKS.  We get great product support along with their certified training programs for our service and installation techs.  All in all, we enjoy a strong working relationship that we are happy to recommend.” 

Joe Welch

President - A1 Datacom

"ComXchange is one of the best telephone systems I have worked with in my 30+ years in the industry. The equipment quality is superb. The features, functions, and flexibility make it the top product I know of in hospitality telecom; and the staff is fantastic to work with. Technical support is better and more prompt than any other manufacturer I have ever dealt with. All our customers that have bought ComXchange systems have been super pleased with every aspect of the system, and we are getting excellent feedback from every site where we have them installed."

Bob McDermott

Logos Concepts LLC

"Logos Concepts LLC has been selling, installing and servicing PBX phone systems almost solely within the hospitality industry for 26 years.  Since Logos Concepts began selling, installing and servicing ComXchange PBX phone systems, our sales have surpassed the old legacy systems 10 times over."

Neil Eacott

President - InnKeepers Communications, LLC

"For over 30 years I've been installing PBX Telephone systems for the lodging industry and I must say that the COMXCHANGE system by '360 Networks' has put the "WOW" factor back in the game. Excellent quality components, feature rich and at a price point that is extremely competitive. The folks at 360 NETWORKS, LLC are wonderful to deal with and their guys in tech support are absolutely top notch!"


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