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Arrow Communications offers customized technology solutions. Whether you are a Hotel Franchisee that needs to meet Brand Standards or a business looking for the most technology for your budget, Arrow Communications takes your needs and designs you the perfect solution.

Whether your needs are PBX  or Business Phone Systems, High Speed Internet Access or Data Networks, Infrastructure cabling or Telecom Consulting, at Arrow Communications we do not espouse to a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. Utilizing our relationships with a wide range of technology products and services offerings, we will match your needs from ‘the ground up’ and provide the most cost effective and advanced solutions available.

From Mid-Class voice and network systems for the budget minded customer to high performance advanced technology solutions for those that want the ‘best in class’, Arrow Communications can provided what your business needs.

Products & Services

  • PBX & Telephony

  • Data Networks

  • Low Voltage Cabling

  • Security Cameras

  • Bandwidth & Voice Consulting Services

  • Technical Support Services


Corporate Headquarters

Novi, MI


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